No other organization has members covered like AZ Troopers.

AZ Troopers Group Life Insurance Program

AZ Troopers is proud to offer a NO COST group life insurance program with many valuable benefits to all members. The program includes Basic Life Insurance, Line of Duty Benefit, Accidental Death Coverage, Dismemberment Coverage, Seat Belt and Air Bag Benefits and 24 hour Travel Assistance.

Guaranteed Issue No Medical Questions Asked Life Insurance

AZ Troopers members, retirees, civilians and families have access to Life Insurance with ABSOLUTLEY NO HEALTH QUESTIONS. Life Insurance available to members, retirees and their families regardless of any health problems.

AZ Troopers Group Term Insurance

A new group term life insurance program is now available to all members, members’ spouses, and their children. The program offers very simple underwriting requirements, coverage amounts from $50,000 to $500,000, and very low premiums.


Cancer, Accident and Intensive Care programs.

Long Term Care Insurance

Options available through several carriers.

LifeLock Identity Protection

Discounted rates as an AZ Troopers member.

Travel Assistance

Protection available to AZ Troopers members for problems that can occur away from home.

AZ Troopers Insurance and Benefit Reviews

Free benefit reviews are available to AZ Troopers members, a review helps:

  • Confirm what insurance plans you currently have
  • Make sure your insurance plans are up to date including beneficiaries
  • Learn how to maximize the discounted benefits available as an AZ Troopers member

Robert Jagus lives in the Phoenix area and can meet you statewide at your convenience.

Robert Jagus
AHPA Benefit Consultant
(480) 320-9754