Retired Peace Officers Association of California


Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit (AD&D)

All Members of the RPOAC may be eligible to receive $2,500 of AD&D coverage at no cost and can purchase up to $100,000 of additional coverage. Click here for: Brochure | Enrollment

CCW Safe

CW Safe is a legal service membership plan designed for law enforcement officers, both active and retired who hold a current CCW permit. CCW Safe takes on the burden of the out of pocket expenses associated with defending a self defense/use of force critical incident (attorney fees, investigator costs, trial expenses, and expert witness costs). Cost of the plan for RPOAC members is only $149 per year. Click the banner below to enroll.


You will be asked for your CCW permit number when signing up for the CCW Safe plan. If you currently have a CCW permit with a number on it, enter it in the required box. If you are carrying under HR218, type HR218 in the required box. If your organization issues your permit, but it does not have a number, type the name of your organization and your badge number in the required box.

Hear in America Discount Hearing Aid Plan

Members of the RPOAC are eligible for a negotiated discount on hearing aid purchases. These substantial discounts are available through a broad network of hearing specialists located all across the U.S. For information on how to make an appointment with a qualified provider, please call (800) 733-4487 x 308.

Healthiest You Telehealth Program

Discounting pricing is available to members of the RPOAC for an exciting new program that may change the way you view health care. Healthiest You offers an online wellness program, discounted prescription drugs, and an ability communicate with a doctor over the phone or internet to include prescriptions. This great benefit is available for only $11.00 per month. For more information and to enroll, click here.

My Notification Services

Members of the RPOAC receive a 67% discount on this valuable benefit. My Notification Services offers 24/7 call centers that will contact your family and friends in case you are in an emergency. The normal price for this peace of mind is $29.95 per year, but our members can purchase the same program for only $9.88 per year. Two year, 5 year, and family plans are also available. For more information and to enroll, click here.

LegalShield Pre-Paid Legal Plan and Identity Theft Protection Plan

A legal service plan can help with all sorts of planned and unplanned legal issues such as traffic tickets, foreclosures, Will preparation, warranty disputes and much more. As a LegalShield member, you can rest assured that whether you’re facing a legal issue that’s big, small or somewhere in between, you’ll have access to legal advice and services when you need them.

Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. Victims of identity theft can face issues such as lost job opportunities, problems with securing a loan or harassment from debt collectors. You can get the experts on your side with an identity theft protection plan. Services include access to your credit report (or consumer credit disclosure), consultations, expert restoration and more. Please click the banner below to enroll.


Medical Insurance and Medicare Supplement Insurance

HealthCompare and Joppel make it easy to shop, compare, and enroll in healthcare coverage from hundreds of insurance companies coast to coast. Whether you’re looking for individual/family health insurance coverage or Medicare, you can easily find the right plan at the right price.



United Heath Care Group Dental Insurance

Basic HMO – A basic HMO with competitive benefits, a broad dentist network, no annual maximums, and very low premiums.
Plan Details | Network |

– Member = $16.51
– Member + Spouse = $31.25
– Family = $47.68

Imperial HMO – A extremely benefit rich HMO providing $0 co-pays for most procedures and no annual maximums.
Plan Details | Network |

– Member = $30.18
– Member + Spouse = $51.61
– Family = $76.95

PPO – A true PPO plan offering access to any dentist both inside and outside of the state of California.
Plan Details | Network |
Application MAC

– Member = $44.94
– Member + Spouse = $88.17
– Family = $147.48


Vision Plan of America Camden/Avesis Advantage Plus Vision Plan

As a member of the RPOAC, you have access to a low cost, benefit rich vision plan. This program is open to all members of your family. Click below for:

Plan Details/Rates |Application


RPOAC Long Term Care Insurance

Call Pacific Financial Designs at 1-800-733-4487 for more information on the plan and rates.

Application (California residents only) | Disclosures


Deferred Compensation (457) and 401(a) Options

Like most brokerage firms (Schwab, Smith Barney, etc.) we have professionally managed accounts. We are in a unique position to offer our clients institutional investment accounts.  Our access to Wilshire Institutional money managers provides low fee, established portfolios used by major pension programs and some foreign countries. In addition to these programs we offer IRAs that guarantee your balance with no management fees.

Life Insurance

We look at your total insurance picture and try to create an “insurance portfolio” that will accomplish your goals at the lowest cost to you. By shopping your insurance needs to many different insurers, PFD will be sure that you are getting the best value. We often will look to one company that might specialize in term insurance and another for more permanent protection. It is this type of individual customization that sets us apart and has allowed our clients to be assured that they have made a good financial decision.