Important Benefit for active and retired AZ Troopers members

Have you ever met with a Financial Advisor or Financial Planner?

There are many financial advisors who advertise their services but almost none have a thorough understanding or background as to the needs of law enforcement professionals. Safety members are unique and have different financial needs than employees in other professions.

AZ Troopers members have financial professionals available who will help with the big questions:

  • How much of your income should you save for retirement?
  • Where should you save?
  • How does the state’s deferred compensation (457) plan work?
  • Should I have an IRA or Roth IRA?
  • What investments fit my needs?

Financial consultation meetings are available with AZ Troopers members at NO COST!


AZ Troopers, through Pacific Financial Designs offers financial consultation appointments at no cost to retired members.

Association Retirees have options with deferred comp 457 through AZ Troopers that include:

  • Growth on your account – double digit growth in good years
  • Safety for your account – both your principle and growth are guaranteed!
  • Lifetime income – Guaranteed income for life
  • Tax Free transfers to IRAs
  • Lower fees than charged by the State’s Deferred Comp program


Bob Jagus lives in the Phoenix area and can meet you statewide at your convenience.

Robert Jagus
AHPA Benefit Consultant
(480) 320-9754