Deferred Compensation (457) and 401(a) Options

Pacific Financial Designs is licensed, experienced and qualified to provide investment advice for government retirees.

Our licensing and qualifications allow us to provide all of the IRA options available for deferred compensation assets.

Like most brokerage firms (Schwab, Smith Barney, etc.) we have professionally managed accounts using Morningstar’s platform to select from approximately 5,000 mutual funds.

We are in a unique position to offer our clients institutional investment accounts.  Our access to Wilshire Institutional money managers provides low fee, established portfolios used by major pension programs and some foreign countries.

In addition to these plans we have IRAs that guarantee against loss and still pay a competitive return.

Our advisors are available to meet with retirees and help determine which options best fit their needs.  Transferring Deferred Compensation assets to an IRA can allow:

  • Guarantees against any loss.
  • Access to features not available in deferred comp.
  • Personalized assistance with investment choices and goals.
  • Internet account access / toll-free phone servicing.
  • Greater benefits for surviving spouses.

Our representatives are available by phone or in person to provide a no obligation consultation.