Investing After Retirement

Our top priority is the safety of your money.

The real goals of post-retirement investing are to keep volatility low, gain as much income as needed, and have some inflation protection. Inflation in the US has compounded annually at 3.5% per year since World War II, and then there are taxes.

You spent your career working for retirement, the financial decisions you make during retirement must be done prudently with you and your families best interest in mind.  Our firm (PFD) offers our clients investment advice and strategies based on your goals.

Through our investment services, clients gain access to a wide range of investment vehicles, including Brokerage Services (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), Annuity Products (Fixed, Variable, Indexed) and Fee-Based Services (Separately Managed Accounts and Institutional Money Management).

Why can you trust Pacific Financial Designs (PFD) with your retirement investments?

  • Pacific Financial Designs is an independent provider of Financial Services which allows us to provide you with professional management of your assets.
  • As an independent firm, Pacific Financial Designs has access to the market place of products.
  • Knowledge and experience of Investment Management are required to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.  We are proud of our 30 year track record.
  • Because Pacific Financial Designs can provide you with a wide range of financial services we can review your possible deficiencies and address your objectives enabling you to receive the best recommendations.
  • Pacific Financial Designs regularly meets with clients reviewing recommendations and plan performance.